Heating of tank containers (heating bay)

In our container terminal we have a heating bay for both non-hazardous and the most hazardous substances. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the industry, we know of many products how long it takes for the cargo in the tank container to reach the required temperature.

Types of heating:

  • Steam: we use steam heating to heat a product to the desired temperature. Our steam system produces high and low pressure steam. We use this to heat, for example, cresols, synthetic resins (epoxy resins) and fatty acids.
  • Hot water: by using hot water for heating we can gradually heat a product to the set temperature or maintain it at a certain temperature. Specifically for products that do not tolerate a high contact temperature. For example, if there is a risk of reactions and discolouration. It is often used for Lecithins, various Fatty Acids, (para) cresols and Ortho Anisidine.
  • Electrical: we use this method to keep products in tank containers that are fitted with an electrical system at a certain temperature. Every hour we record the temperature. If required, we report to you several times a day. The terminals are 380V.
  • Temperature-controlled heating: a number of steam systems have an automatic turn-off, so that the product does not exceed the set temperature. Specifically for products that have a narrow margin between the minimum and maximum temperature.

We apply fixed fees and hourly rates.

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